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100% BespokeWe design, manufacture and install bespoke kitchens, with everything made in-house by our outstanding craftsmen.

Family ValuesWe are a family run and family motivated company. You become an extension of that family and helping you through your journey with our expertise and compassion is our number 1 priority

In-House expertiseEvery inch of your cabinetry is designed, manufactured and installed in-house by our fantastic team

One-of-a-kind flexibility for your kitchen design

A truly bespoke kitchen is a one-of-a-kind kitchen for your home. It gives you the flexibility to design every aspect to your individual requirements and taste. One which doesn’t force you to compromise on fixed styles, designs or sizing, to maximise every last inch of floor and wall space for your new kitchen.

At Wentwood Kitchens, we design bespoke kitchens solely with you and your available space in mind. Our experienced team always works closely with you to choose the right specifications to invest in for your day-to-day needs. Put simply, we design your kitchen around how you want it to work, without having to adapt your vision to what is available ‘off the shelf’.

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‘Handmade’ kitchens are not the same as ‘bespoke’ kitchens

It’s important to keep in mind that a ‘handmade’ kitchen differs hugely from a ‘bespoke’ kitchen. Many companies build handmade kitchens especially for your kitchen space. However, they will typically stock a range of cabinets in specific sizes that they offer. This saves them time and money, allowing them to batch produce their kitchens. When it comes to framed shakers, they simply produce each cabinet within its own frame, before bolting them together on-site creating a double frame detail between each cabinet.

At Wentwood Kitchens, we view that as the easy way out. When we design and manufacture true bespoke framed shakers, we manufacture the cabinets first and mock-up the kitchen sizing within our workshop. This allows our craftsmen to take precise measurements of each run and manufacture the frames individually to fit each unique run. The frames are fitted to the kitchen and the dimensions are taken from each opening to ensure each door fits perfectly into its required space. That’s why no two kitchens – or cabinets for that matter – are ever the same when manufactured by Wentwood Kitchens.

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