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We can create and build any kitchen design you can come up with however when it comes to contemporary kitchen designs, one of the most popular choices currently out there is the handleless kitchen. Modern handleless kitchens have become the go-to options for many contemporary homes due to their sleek and smooth design. In addition, we can create several varieties of designs, from true handleless kitchens to modern push-to-open designs.

Find out how Wentwood Kitchens can create your dream handleless kitchen from scratch for a truly bespoke kitchen.

What Are Handleless Kitchens?

Modern handleless kitchens do away with protruding knobs and handles on cupboards, drawers, and cabinet doors. This helps create a clean and uncluttered kitchen design in line with modern, minimalistic aesthetics. In lieu of handles, the following opening mechanisms can be used:

  • J-pull – These incorporate a hidden handle into the recess of the door. The doors include shadow gaps between each door to allow your fingers to easily hook under them to pull them open.
  • True Handleless – Instead of a recessed handle, true handleless kitchens incorporate a rail behind the door that allows for fingers to grip the door and pull it open.
  • Push-to-open – These use a spring mechanism that causes the door to pop open when lightly pushed.


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The Benefits of Modern Handleless Kitchens?

  • By removing protruding handles and other elements from the kitchen, you can decrease the risk of injuries in the kitchen caused by bumping into them.
  • Without handles, you increase the amount of space in the kitchen. This is particularly good if you are going for an open-plan design.
  • A sleek, clean design that creates better symmetry in the kitchen and results in a more elegant and streamlined appearance.

How Wentwood Kitchens Can Help

Thanks to our team of highly skilled and experienced artisans, your dream kitchen can now become a reality with Wentwood Kitchens. Our procedure is as follows:

  • Give us a call so that we can find out what you’re looking for. In the course of our work together, we will discuss your kitchen design ideas and the features you wish to incorporate. In addition, we will arrange an initial consultation with our Norfolk-based design team.
  • During the initial meeting, we will discuss the project in more detail and determine exactly how you envision the new kitchen.
  • Our next step will be to present you with our proposal and project estimate for your dream kitchen.
  • Proceeding with us is straight forward and we support you throughout the process. A 5% deposit (up to £500) confirms our commitment to one-another.


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"We were recommended Wentwood Kitchens by three friends who had recently had their kitchens created and installed and were absolutely delighted with the results. We loved the fact that no idea is too crazy for Joe, he relishes in the idea of a challenge and comes up with brilliant ideas to fit all your needs.

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