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On receipt of your signed approval and 80% manufacture instalment, we immediately set the wheels in motion and manufacture has begun!

Once your manufacture is underway we will be in touch to set out a clearer installation timeline that works for both parties.

(You will have already received an estimate installation month on confirmation of your project which will have been updated throughout the proceeding stages.)

We also love to invite our clients in to have a walk through of your projects mid-manufacture. Its always an exciting experience to see your kitchen come to life and see the love, and dedication that goes into producing it.

We truly do manufacture handmade and bespoke kitchens entirely from scratch. Come and have a look around to see us in action!

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TRUE Bespoke

‘Handmade’ kitchens are not the same as ‘bespoke’ kitchens

It’s important to keep in mind that a ‘handmade’ kitchen differs hugely from a ‘bespoke’ kitchen. Many companies build handmade kitchens especially for your kitchen space. However, they will typically stock a range of cabinets in specific sizes that they offer. This saves them time and money, allowing them to batch produce their kitchens. When it comes to framed shakers, they simply produce each cabinet within its own frame, before bolting them together on-site creating a double frame detail between each cabinet.

At Wentwood Kitchens, we view that as the easy way out. When we design and manufacture true bespoke framed shakers, we manufacture the cabinets first and mock-up the kitchen sizing within our workshop. This allows our craftsmen to take precise measurements of each run and manufacture the frames individually to fit each unique run. The frames are fitted to the kitchen and the dimensions are taken from each opening to ensure each door fits perfectly into its required space. That’s why no two kitchens – or cabinets for that matter – are ever the same when manufactured by Wentwood Kitchens.

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Bespoke means one-of-a-kind, not handmade

True bespoke kitchen design is our specialism at Wentwood Kitchens. This gives you total flexibility to design every aspect of your dream kitchen to your unique needs and tastes. Our approach will never force you to compromise and utilise off-the-shelf styles, designs or sizing. We design your new kitchen around how you want it to work, maximising every inch of floor and wall space.

While some companies will make claims about their ‘handmade’ kitchens, we believe this approach differs greatly from a true ‘bespoke’ kitchen. Handmade kitchens will still work with stock-size cabinets, allowing them to batch produce kitchens and individual cabinets within their own frames. Our bespoke kitchens are manufactured using continuous framed shakers, considering the space available in your kitchen to the nearest millimetre. This ensures every door fits seamlessly into its required space – no standardised sizing necessary!

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