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Our consultative approach to kitchen design

At Wentwood Kitchens, we leave no stone unturned when designing a new kitchen that works flawlessly for your household. No kitchen is the same. Whether it’s the size and shape or how it’s used day-to-day. During our free initial consultation, it’s most important for us to get a clear understanding of how you use your kitchen space. This allows us to design a dream kitchen that’s fully functional for you and your loved ones.

Although we have a considerable portfolio of past kitchen projects, drawings and photographs that we can give you for design inspiration, we welcome you to provide us with pictures, colours, styles or trends that you like best. Your creative tastes and practical requirements are our number-one priority.

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What to expect During and after your consultation?

During your design consultation, we gather information on your preferences, wishes and ideas for your project.

At Wentwood Kitchens, we are proud to offer a personalised, consultative approach to designing your dream kitchen. We leave no stone unturned in recommending a kitchen design that maximises every inch of available space in your family home. From our consultations and then later during site surveys, we take the time to understand exactly what you want from your new kitchen. This enables us to specify materials and accessories that fit your lifestyle.

Our bespoke kitchen designs mean that every kitchen we manufacture is truly one-of-a-kind. However, that does not mean you cannot be inspired by past projects. During the consultation process, we can showcase our full portfolio of sketches and photographs of previous projects to give you design inspiration where required. Catering for your style preferences and practical requirements is our number-one priority.

Using dimensions/drawings provided, we then take the time to put together your tailored initial proposal and estimate.

A follow up meeting will be booked for around 1 week after your initial consultation to present our proposal.

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Frame your kitchen design with a budget

In some cases, money may be no object to design your dream kitchen. However, we also work closely with clients that do have a strict budget in mind. It’s very useful for our team to have your budget at the outset to allow us to tailor your design and specifications accordingly.

Once we have established your budget, creative tastes and how you like to use your kitchen space, our team can get to work with supplying a comprehensive design proposal. This plan will include sketches of how we propose to maximise every inch of your kitchen, with colours, materials and accessories all fully costed within our supplied quotation.

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